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At Abbott, we continue to innovate with the third generation of MitraClip. Two Clip sizes expand your treatment options so that you can customize repair based on each patient’s mitral valve anatomy.

  • MitraClip NTR: the original NT Clip size on an improved Clip Delivery System (CDS) is designed to be more precise and predictable through new ease-of-use features
  • MitraClip XTR: features longer Clip arms for easier grasping and better reach†,‡ on an improved CDS

*This figure reflects the additional grasping width at 120º achieved with the MitraClip XTR Clip.
Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.
Performance of MitraClip XTR is in comparison to previous generation of MitraClip NT system.

First-in-Class Technology

The MitraClip procedure is performed using venous access and real-time imaging (echocardiography and fluoroscopy), thereby avoiding cardiopulmonary bypass. The MitraClip device grasps and coapts the mitral valve leaflets, resulting in fixed coaptation (approximation) of the mitral leaflets throughout the cardiac cycle.¹

  • Femoral venous access
  • Beating heart procedure–no cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Allows for real-time MR reduction assessment
  • Ability to reposition clip for optimal MR reduction
  • Designed to preserve surgical options
  • Paul Sorajja, MD performing MitraClip procedure
  • Paul Sorajja, MD
    Interventional Cardiologist Minneapolis Heart Institute, Minnesota, USA

    “If you are not satisfied with an initial grasp, it’s completely reversible and it can be moved and positioned into a different place.”

Innovative Clip Delivery System Is Designed for Precision and Flexibility

The Clip Delivery System — introduced into the body through a Steerable Guide Catheter — includes the MitraClip device attached to a highly maneuverable delivery catheter, with all controls at the proximal end.1

The Clip Delivery System available with the MitraClip NTR system and MitraClip XTR system is designed to be more precise and predictable — even in your most complex cases* — through ease-of-use features, including:

  • IMPROVED torque response
  • Stable clip arm orientation when crossing the valve
  • Straight trajectory into the left ventricle
  • Ability to leave clip unlocked for the duration of procedure, resulting in fewer steps*
  • Longer catheter allows for an expanded target area of the transseptal puncture*

Check with your Abbott representative for availability of the MitraClip NTR system and MitraClip XTR system in your market.

*Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.

The MitraClip device features1:

  • Cobalt chromium construction
  • Polyester cover designed to promote tissue growth
  • Magnetic resonance conditional to 3 tesla (T)

Static magnetic field up to 3 T; maximum spatial gradient in static field of 2500 gauss/cm or less; maximum whole-body averaged specific absorption rate (SAR) of 3.0 W/kg for 15 minutes of scanning.

AP2947039-WBO Rev. B

  1. MitraClip Clip NTR XTR Clip Delivery System Instructions for Use.

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