Epic Mitral

Exceptional Durability
Compared to Other
SAVR Mitral Valves

Durability that Withstands the Long-Term Test of Time

The Epic stented tissue valve with Linx anticalcification (AC) technology has impressive 10-year durability data. And it stands on the legacy of the 20 years of published durability data and 25 years of clinical experience from the Biocor valve.*

*Based on available 10+ and 20+ year retrospective studies.

Freedom from Structural Valve Deterioration1

Epic Valve at 10 Years

Epic Valve at 10 Years

Epic Mitral Valve Carries on the Long-Term Success of Biocor

When evaluating longer term data from the Epic valve’s predecessor, the Biocor valve,2 its durability—at all patient ages—is impressive compared to the competing PERIMOUNT valve3 and the Hancock II valve.4,†

ACTUARIAL Freedom from Reoperation due to Structural Valve Deterioration AT 15 YEARS2-4

Results from different clinical trials are not directly comparable. Information provided for educational purposes only. 
‡ Interpolated from Borger data, Figure 5.

  • Robust Evidence on Long-Term Outcomes
    Pia Mykén, et al.2

    The 20-year data “provides some of the most robust evidence available on long-term outcomes after bioprosthetic heart valve replacement. Long-term durability is the most important parameter when evaluating bioprosthesis, and these results clearly demonstrate the excellent durability of the Biocor bioprosthesis over 20 years.”

Exceptional Outcomes with Adverse Events

In addition to its durability, the Epic Mitral valve exhibits impressive rates of freedom from adverse event.

§ From mitral valve replacement, not double valve replacement

AP2947047-WBO Rev. A

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