Amplatzer Amulet

Advancing Intervention
Through LAA Occluder

Proven Transcatheter Closure

The Amplatzer line offers proven transcatheter closure, and the Amulet LAA Occluder is designed for complete occlusion of the left atrial appendage (LAA) at the ostium.

The Amplatzer Amulet consists of a lobe and disc, connected by a flexible waist and is constructed from a nitinol mesh and a polyester patch. While the lobe is retained within the neck of the LAA and stabilized by retention wires, the disc seals the LAA orifice.1

Broadest Range of Sizes

The Amplatzer Amulet device offers the broadest size range of occluders on the market today,2 accommodating a lobe diameter of 16-34 mm.

Proximal device positioning allows for proper placement regardless of:

  • Distal anatomy of the LAA2
  • Presence of multiple distal lobes2

For future fluoroscopy reference, the device includes 2 radiopaque markers at the microscrews and 2 equally spaced radiopaque threads on the device lobe.

Offering Full Coverage, Flexibility, Repositioning

The Amplatzer Amulet LAA Occluder is constructed with flexible braided Nitinol mesh. It provides:

  • The ability to be recaptured and repositioned if necessary
  • Full cross-sectional orifice coverage
  • Controlled, precise deployment

Minimal Steps for Positioning

Accurate positioning can be accomplished with minimal steps because the Amulet LAA Occluder:

  • Is preloaded for streamlined preparation
  • Is a single piece cable designed for ease of delivery and better control during deployment
  • Has a long waist, allowing for more flexible placement within the LAA

For a Complete Seal

This LAA occluder is designed to provide a complete seal, with its ability to conform to the inner wall of the LAA. Part of the construction includes the Intaglio wire treatment to reduce nickel leaching.3

AP2947041-WBO Rev. A

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  3. Abbott Internal Lab Testing.

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