Trifecta GT

Designed for Optimal
SAVR Outcomes

The “Tri” in the Trifecta valve with Glide Technology (GT) and Linx anticalcification (AC) technology was inspired by its three design features—hemodynamics, durability, and implantability—all of which can deliver top performance for both implanting physicians and their patients. And the Trifecta GT valve is designed especially for a minimally invasive approach with its smaller, more streamlined valve holder, screw-in handle, and smooth delivery.

In addition, the Trifecta GT valve offers a single-cut quick release holder for greater efficiency.

The Trifecta GT valve further provides protection using Linx AC technology, a valve treatment that resists calcification1,* by:

  • Reducing free aldehydes2,3
  • Extracting lipids4
  • Minimizing cholesterol uptake5
  • Stabilizing leaflet collagen5

*No clinical data are currently available evaluating the long-term impact of anticalcification tissue treatment in humans.


Expansive, Externally Mounted
Leaflet Design.


AP2947045-WBO Rev. A

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