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Use in Tortuous, Complex Anatomy

The Portico delivery system’s flexibility and deliverability enables navigation even in tortuous anatomy.1,2

Featuring the lowest profile TAVI delivery system1,3-5* the Portico valve allows implanters to tackle every case with an exceptionally deliverable valve when used with the SoloPath sheath.


*Based on internal testing. Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.

Portico Delivery System's Low Profile

To potentially reduce the risk of vascular complications, Portico offers the lowest profile delivery system*—when utilizing it's sheathless delivery system capability.1,3–5

*Based on internal testing. Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.


Portico’s design offers physicians these advantages:

  • Earlier leaflet functionality

    due to Portico's lower intra-annular leaflet placement design8

  • No need for rapid pacing

    due to a non-occlusive self expanding stent and intra-annular leaflet valve design

  • Less Stressful Implanting Experience

    to assess valve placement since the leaflets are functional after partial deployment maintaining hemodynamic stability

  • More like a native valve

    due to unconstrained valve leaflet opening which allows for excellent hemodynamic performance similar to native valves

  • Better seal

    Optimized sealing skirt, valve height, and non-flared stent design that minimize valve protrusion into the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT)

  • Versatility

    with the Portico valve’s ability to be recaptured and repositioned to further optimize valve sealing and function

  • Minimizing paravalvular leak

    due to large open cell design that is covered with porcine pericardium sealing cuff thus encapsulating irregular calcium nodules

Valve Funcionality Even at Partial Deployment

Because Portico’s leaflets are functional while the valve is only partially deployed, the implanting physician can rely on a relaxed controlled deployment—and can avoid the need for rapid pacing.


The Portico valve’s design allows for resheathing and repositioning, which can be beneficial during TAVI. In a study of 222 high risk patients with symptomatic, severe aortic stenosis, nearly 33% of procedures involved resheathing with a 100% success rate.8

  • Dr. Federico De Marco, Policlinico San Donato
  • Portico, Workhorse Valve Driven By Clinical Performance
    Dr. Federico De Marco, Policlinico San Donato, Italy

    “I like Portico very much as a workhorse [valve] because I like its results and ease of implantation. Because it’s a very trackable valve, it’s definitely my first choice in complex access vessels.”



The Portico aortic valve, with its large open cells,8 is able to:

  • Preserve coronary access for potential future interventions
  • Minimize obstruction to coronary blood flow

responsive aortic valve delivery—at every turn

horizontal aorta
tevar Graft

Full Portfolio of Sizes

There are 4 sizes of the Portico valve—23, 25, 27, and 29 mm—covering an annulus range of 19-27 mm.


The Portico valve’s delivery system pioneered physicians’ ability to recapture, reposition, and retrieve the valve as needed.⁸ Other advantages of this TAVI delivery system:

  • Offers optimized trackability and flexibility.1,9
  • The efficiency of valve loading may help reduce TAVI procedure time.
  • The lowest profile delivery system available.1,3-5*
Release Lever stops at 80%;
disengage to release the valve
Wheel rotates to control the
unsheathing/resheathing of the valve
Release Lever stops at
80%; disengage to
release the valve
Wheel rotates to control the
unsheathing/resheathing of
the valve

*Based on internal testing. Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.

*Based on internal testing. Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.


The Portico Solo re-collapsible introducer has an insertion profile of 11-12F (inner diameter). It also features the following:10

  • The lowest insertion force compared to major competitor sheaths
  • Flexible sheath designed to enable trackability through vascular anatomy
  • Malleable design intended to allow precise trackability

The Ultimum EV introducer has an insertion profile of 18-19F.


* Maximum system profile measurements for Portico and Evolut Pro are based on manufacturers’ published specifications for capsule outer diameter, and for Sapien 3 are based on outer diameter measurements of Sapien 3 in the eSheath introducer as reported by Koehler, et al, below. Portico small size includes 23 and 25 mm valves; large size includes 27 and 29 mm valves. Evolut PRO small size includes 23 and 26 mm valves; large size includes 29 mm valve. SAPIEN 3 small size includes 23 and 26 mm valves; large size includes 29 mm valve.

AP2947036-WBO Rev. A

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